Barrel Program

If your serious about whiskey, you may be interested in the any NY Barrel Syndicate barrel program – where you can expect to get approximately get 180 – 225 bottles from our select barrels from either KY or NY. This is a personalized experience where we help source your raw goods to a finished ready label. Barrel to bottle! Because each barrel is distinctive, every batch will take on a character of its own, with a slightly different taste and color, undoubtedly a NY Barrel Syndicate selection, but your very own. We will customize your label and register your label with the U,S. and state governments.

It’s small batch craft whiskey that will become yours.

Funds Needed

$10,000 – $25,000


180 to 250 Bottles

Time Frame

3 - 6 months

How It Works

This program is perfect for individual, groups and corporations. We source barrels of bourbon throughout Kentucky and store them in our rickhouses to allow them to age and then become aged bourbon. You get to create your own brand of bourbon by having our designer work with you to create a label. We then take the aged bourbon from barrel to your bottle through an authorized retailer. We handle all the details.


Your Barrel

Choose from our inventory of KY Bourbon barrels

Your Bottle & Cap

Pick your bottle, cork & capsule though our vast array of glass & raw goods

Your Label

Design your label with our on staff team

Our Process

Barrel to bottle starts


Sit back and wait


Enjoy your signature bottled Bourbon



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