Retail to Consumer Program

We help your individual customer, corporate customer and other groups create their own private barrel of spirits. Each barrel comes with its own custom design label and your choice of bottle. Great for corporate gifts, family events, friend groups, etc. Barrel included.

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We have an exciting new supplier who has come up with a unique program for individuals, groups, corporate gifts, family gifts, sororities and fraternities, trade groups, unions, and any other interested in getting together and sharing a unique opportunity. Our supplier can offer single barrels of bourbon, rum, cognac, gin and anything else that can be aged in a barrel (except pickles). These single barrels come with your own custom designed label and your pick of the bottle.
A single 53 gallon of Kentucky bourbon aged for 5 years will yield 220 to 240 bottles, give or take. The “give or take” goes to the Angel’s share which is the amount that is lost in the barrel during aging.
This seems like a lot of bottles but, just think if you can get 10 friends or family members to join in your barrel, that’s 24 bottles each. The more people you can get together the less the obligation.

For large groups such as sororities and fraternities, trade groups, unions who have close to 240 members, this is a unique bottle for each person representing them. For corporate gifts, this is a unique and individualized gift to your clients and customers. Our supplier has access to ready-to-go aged-barrels and will work with you to design the label and choose the bottle that represents you best. The supplier will file all the legal paperwork to create your own brand including trademarking it so no one else can use it.

This is a big commitment that pays off in a big way to anyone who receives a bottle. Just think of all the questions you’ll be asked of how you were able to get your brand of Kentucky bourbon, or aged rum or French Cognac, or barrel-rested gin. They will want in on the next barrel!

For numbers, estimate $50 per bottle for the whole ball of wax. That’s $12,000 all put together. If you have 20 people in your group, that’s $600 each and each one gets 12 bottles to keep or give away. It makes a great remembrance for sororities and fraternities and staff and customers.

For those willing to wait a few years for a new barrel to fill and let it age for 4 or 5 years, that’s only $250 per month for 4 years for the entire barrel and you are guaranteed the barrel at the end of 4 years of aging. Split that with 9 friends for family members, that’s only $25 per person per month! What a deal!

Plus, you get to keep the barrel ! Use it to make a bar, small table, split it in half and you got two planters, or just keep it in your living room for the showpiece that it is! Please let us know if you are interested.