New York Barrel Syndicate aims to open to you the lucrative world of U.S. Whiskey Investments – with transparency & proprietary industry information – providing a tailored, RARE 1-1 financial service & personalized journey unlike any other.


TO REVEAL intel through shrewd analysis & discernment of industry exclusive data & releases

TO GUIDE you in constructing a diverse whiskey asset portfolio with robust returns- focused strategies

TO DELIVER significant capital gains that outpace any other alternative asset on the market


Founded in 2016 while running my distillery in Westchester County, NY. The distillery was Westchester’s 1st since Prohibition. While laying down barrels to build my NY Bourbon stock position, I realized their value in the months to come. I found much interest from my existing customers (corporate groups, attorneys, and different organizations) that wanted their own barrel to one day develop their own syndicate brand. Hence, I started NY Barrel Syndicate LLC to bring together a group of individuals and organizations combined to promote some common interest. In this case, the love for America’s Bourbon Whiskey.

NY Barrel Syndicate will give you the opportunity to invest in New Fill (NF) Barrels as well as a great selection of aged Kentucky and New York Bourbon barrels from selected partnered Distilleries. Whether your interests are a long-term barrel investment or a short-term barrel to bottle program we have the barrels to fit your needs.

New York Barrel Syndicate is a community, a group of individuals joined in unity over common interest – namely, a passion for Whiskey and sound investments.

We are industry-seasoned in End-to-End Management – covering analysis, sourcing, purchase negotiations, oversight of your acquisitions & monetization of your investments.

Our experienced team has been involved in every aspect of the whiskey industry for over a decade. We have aggregated a wealth of comprehensive data across all major distilleries, analyzing performance, current trends and brand prestige. We are well-versed in the proprietary knowledge that every barrel is a composition of distinct attributes – such as distillery, age, wood type, barrel size and strength – that determines its ultimate market value.

With these varied factors, we make shrewd evaluations based on maturation of the liquid, the value of comparable casks and benchmark prices for similar bottles to provide investors with a forecast perspective on the future potential for each barrel.